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Joi 4 decembrie 2008, cu ocazia Zilei Nationale a Romaniei, Consulatul Romaniei Los Angeles impreuna cu Socieatea Americana Romana Portland va gazdui o prezentare /recital  sustinuta de Adrian George Sahlean intitulata EMINESCU, Poet of the Romanian Soul (Eminescu - Poet al sufletului romanesc)


Eternal Longing, Impossible Love:


Poet of the Romanian Soul 
An engaging live recital of the award-winning

translations by

Adrian George Sahlean 


The Romanian American Society has the pleasure to invite you to an evening of poetry, featuring the award-winning translations of Eminescu's work by Adrian George Sahlean. A short presentation of Mihai Eminescu, intended primarily for a non-Romanian audience, will be followed by a live recital with some of his most celebrated poems. The event is free and open ta the public, and wil,1 be carried out in English. Feel free to invite along anyone who is interested! Seating for 150 attendees. 

When: 7:30 - 8:30PM Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where: Portland State University, Smith Building (Broadway and Montgomery), Rooms 327/8/9

Map: http:// maps.google.com/ maps?q=1825+SW+Broadway,+Portland,+Oregon&spn=0.021399,0.035306&hI=en

Cost: Free (donations always appreciated and welcomed, but no obligations)

For more information about Adrian George Sahlean, visit: http://www.globalartsnpo.org/Pages/AboutUs.html

Reactions to Adrian George Sahlean's translations of Eminescu:
Terrence Montgomery - Director & Narrator of New York off-Broadway productions of "The Evening Star," 2005 & 2008.

Adrian G. Sahlean's translations are for the English speaking world a great gift. The words of a poet true to the soul of his people and never sentimental, the beautiful poems in these faithful and inspired translations bring a music not yet heard by our American ears, and an awareness of a culture little known or understood. A triumph of light in a modern world shrouded in violence and darkness, it resurrects hope against despair.

Maurice Edwards - Writer, Performer, Former Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra.
Like those other great Romantic Iyric poets, Pushkin and Heine, Romania's greatest poet, Eminescu, resists translation. But, 10 and behold, Adrian George Sahlean has done the seemingly impossible: he has given us the essence of Eminescu in these remarkably fluent, yet still faithful to the original, English versions.

Calin-Andrei Mihailescu - University of Western Ontario, excerpt from "Haunting Hedonism of Sound," Literary Research Review, 2000. 

Sahlean has chosen the primacy of music. While loyally and almost flawlessly rewriting Eminescu's prosody, this music's accomplished task overcomes the translator. It also overcomes the readers, no longer pressed to claim theauthorship of their reading: to poems in read, readers in love…This "untranslatable" poet translates well, in the sense in which the loss of sublimity can be tamed and retained beautifully... Adrian George Sahlean joins the club, en maître...  


Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) 

While Mihai Eminescu is often described as the essence of the Romanian soul, modern literary language in Romania is also much indebted to him. His work encompassed every genre of poetry (Iove, philosophical, cosmological, mythological, historical, socio-satiric, etc.) as well as prose and journalism. Eminescu is considered Europe's last great romantic not in the least because he gave voice of such unmistakable music to the sadness of love. Eminescu's legacy, however, transcends the confines of Romanticism, the literary and philosophical Western traditions, the Far East influences and even the obvious imprint of the Romanian folklore. Blessed with the touch of genius, his synthesis is a personal world of meaning about the life of man and of the cosmos in archetypal images of universal worth.

Born in Romania, ADRIAN GEORGE SAHLEAN holds advanced degrees in both philology and psychoanalysis, and has authored several volumes of poetry translations into English as well as essays on literary translation. His meter-and-rhyme renditions of 19th c. Romanian 'national' poet Mihai Eminescu-UNESCO Year-2000-Poet-Of-The-Year-brought him international recognition and were awarded the 'Eminescu Gold Medal' (2000) and the 'LiterArt XXI' Grand Prize of the Int. Assoc. of Romanian Writers and Artists (2002).

In 2002, the Romanian Cultural Foundation and the British Council sponsored a CD featuring Prince Radu von Hohenzollern-Veringen reading Mr. Sahlean's translation of Luceafarul ('The Legend of the Evening Star') with an orchestral setting of George Enescu's 'Poema Romana'. In 2005, 'The Evening Star' was performed off-Broadway at the Acorn Theatre as a theatrical-choreographical production, and repeated in 2008 at the Marjorie Dean Little Theater; in 2006, his Eminescu translations were published as a double CD & book project - 'Eminescu-Eternal Longing, Impossible Love' - narrated by Jeremy Geidt of the American Repertory Theatre.

Mr. Sahlean is the co-founder (2004) and president of Global Arts Ine. (www.globalartsnpo.org). a non­profit organization actively promoting Romanian literature, music and art to the US. He is a member of the Romanian Writer's Union, the Society of Modern Psychoanalysts and the Romanian Union of
Physician Writers and Journalists. Născut în România, ADRIAN GEORGE SAHLEAN deţine diploma de Master's în filologie engleză şi spaniolă (Bucuresti, 1975) şi psihanaliză (Boston, 1995). În 2002 obtine certificarea clinică de psihanalist, terminându-şi în prezent doctoratul. DI. Sahlean este autorul a trei volume de traduceri de poezie în engleză şi a unor eseuri de traducere literară. Tălmăcirile sale în versuri din "poetul naţional" al românilor Mihai Eminescu (ales "Poetul UNESCO al Anului 2000"), i-au adus recunoastere internationala si cateva premii printre care "Medalia de Aur Eminescu 2000" si marele premiu "LiterArt XXI" al Asociaţiei Internaţionale a Scriitorilor şi Artiştilor Romani (2002). In 2002, Fundatia culturala romana si British Council au sponsorizat un disc audio în care traducerea Luceafarului (The Legend of the Evening Star) este citita de Printul Radu de Hohenzollern-Veringen pe fundalul muzical al Poem ei Romane de George Enescu; in 2005 'The Evening Star' a fost pus in scena intr-o montare teatral-muzical-coreografica la teatrul 'Acorn' din New York, si reluata in 2008 la teatrul 'Marjorie Dean Little'; in 2006, traducerile Dlui Sahlean au fost publicate in editia bilingva 'Eminescu­Eternul Dor, Imposibila Iubire' ('Eternal Longing, Impossible Love') in recita rea actorului Jeremy Geidt de la American Repertory Theatre (Boston). DI. Sahlean este foundator (2004) si presedinte al organizatiei non-profit Global Arts (www.globalartsnpo.org). organizatie ce promoveaza activ literatura, arta si muzica romaneasca in SUA. Este membru al Uniunii Scriitorilor din Romania, al Societatii de Psihanaliza Moderna, al Asociatiei Scriitorilor si Ziaristilor Medici Romani.


Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) 

EMINESCU, Poet ofthe Romanian Soul (Eminescu - Poet al sufletului Romanesc) 

Joi 4 Decembrie 20087:30 - 8:30PM, sala 327 de la Portland State University (Smith building at Broadway and Montgomery) va gazdui o prezentare /recital sustinuta de Adrian George Sahlean intitutalata EMINESCU, Poet ofthe Romanian Soul (Eminescu - Poet al sufletului Romanesc) organizata de Romanian American Society si de organizatia non-profit Global Arts din MA.

Evenimentul este destinat cu precadere publicului American si continua eforturile de promovare ale poetului nostru in spatiul american pe care A.G. Sahlean le sustine de peste un deceniu prin organizatia sa non-profit. Pe parcursul anilor, traducerile sale din Eminescu au capatat o tot mai mare recunoastere internationala - amintim productia teatral-muzical-coreografica Off-Broadway a "Legendei Luceafarului /The Legend ofthe Evening Star" din 2005 si reluata in iunie 2008, si aparitia in 2006 a volumului bilingv "Eminescu-Eternal Longing, Impossible Love" (Eternul Dor, Imposibila Iubire), volum insotit de un audio-disc in care recitarile sunt realizate de reputatul actor Jeremy Geidt de la American Repertory Theater.

Prezentarea/recital de la Portland, OR il prezinta pe traducator nu doar in postura de conferentiar ci si de recitator - asa cum a facut-o in ultimii ani cu succes in mai multe orase americane si canadiene.

"Am infiintat organizatia Global Arts", ne declara Adrian G. Sahlean... pe care l-am contactat..., "in primul rand pentru promovarea celui mai necunoscut mare poet national. Poate suna socant pentru romani, dar asta e situatia - cel putin in lumea anglofona. Am avut insa destul de devreme ocazia sa constat efectul special pe care versul eminescian rostit il are asupra spectatorului. Recitarea Glossei, Odei sau Luceafarului in fata unui auditoriu aproape exclusiv american - precum cea de anul trecut de la Institutul Smithsonian, m-a convins de impactul mult mai mare al contactului direct cu poezie lui Eminescu fata de orice forma de convingere prin prelegeri docte. Desigur, ma bucura succesul traducerilor mele..."


Reactii critice si comentarii, aparute in SUA si Canada, privind traducerile semnate de Adrian George Sahlean

Terrence Montgomery - Regizorul (si vocea povestitorului) in productia newyorkeza "The Legend ofthe Evening Star," 2005.

"Traducerile lui Adrian G. Sahlean sunt un cadou imens pentru lumea vorbitorilor de engleza. Aceste minunate poezii, reprezentand fara sentimentalism cuvintele unui poet apropiat de sufletului poporului, aduc prin aceste inspirate si fidele traduceri o muzica inca necunoscuta auzului american, dezvaluindu-ne o cultura putin cunoscuta si inteleasa. Un triumf de lumina intr-o lume invaluita de intuneric si violenta, ce reinvie speranta mai presus de resemnarea disperata.

Maurice Edwards - Scriitor, actor si muzician, fost Director Artistic al Orchestrei "Brooklyn Philharmonic".

"Ca si alti mari poeti lirici romantici, precum Puskin sau Heine, poetul cel mare al romanilor rezista orice efort de traducere. Dar, iata!, Adrian George Sahlean a reusit in aparenta imposibilul: el ne-a daruit esenta poeziei lui Eminescu prin aceste versiuni englezesti remarcabil de fluente si, mai mult, fidele originalului. "