"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

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Every year, ​Firm Foundations Romania (FFR)​ is blessed to have around sixty-five volunteers come from around the world to assist our projects in Brasov, Romania. The testimonies written by volunteers often touch our hearts, especially this one written by written by Sina from Switzerland who volunteered with FFR from September 2015-February 2016​. I hope your heart is moved by Sina’s testimony! Sarah Vienna, President of Firm Foundations Romania​.


Unexpected Experiences of Volunteering

Six months ago I was sitting in a minibus riding from Bucharest to Brasov, very exited and not really knowing what to expect of my time volunteering with Firm Foundations Romania. At this point, I didn’t know anyone of Firm Foundations and I didn’t know much about Romania in general. Yesterday I was sitting again in the minibus, this time on the way to go back home.

What happened in between? More than I could ever have wished for…

I experienced new things like: driving in a minibus with open doors, having a room full of Maria-named kids, passing over streets with 7 lanes, seeing shepherds and huge dogs, waiting 3 minutes for change after paying 16 lei with a 20 lei note,  meeting almost no persons from Asia and Africa for several weeks, losing the right of way in a roundabout and discovering very special jobs like the elevator-button-pusher-job.

Beside this, I also experienced deeper things which made me speechless and captured my heart.

I experienced family even though I just knew those people for some weeks. I experienced discipleship even though I didn’t attend a bible-school. I experienced home even though I was in a foreign country. I experienced hope in places that looked hopeless. I experienced power by persons that the world named powerless. I experienced joy in places where my first reaction was tears. I experienced friendship even though we didn’t speak a common language. I experienced love that I have never felt before. I saw future even though the past looked awful. I experienced thankfulness even though it looked like that there was little to be thankful for. I experienced generosity even though they had much less than me. I experienced beauty in very dirty places. I got richer even though I worked for free. I experienced healing even though the heart got hurt. I experienced truth which is stronger than any lie. I experienced identity where people didn’t even know one‘s name. I experienced God’s kingdom in a place that looks miles away from it.

I can only say: thank you.

I thought I came to give, but I was the one who received most.



For more information to volunteer with Firm Foundations Romania or donate please go to www.firmfoundationsromania.com

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