"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

Apostolul Pavel

The speakers are blasting a techno beat punctuated by the descending, repetitive four-note tune that can be heard as the suspense leitmotif in most of the Bond movies, the lights are dim, and along with the hum of the wheels there is a lot of heavy breathing. You can very well be in the middle of an action packed James Bond movie; however, what you're witnessing is a spinning class, a workout routine available at almost every single fitness club around the world. Spinning is a relatively recent phenomenon, where participants take part in a group workout on exercise bikes that typically lasts approximately one hour. The classes are being taught by instructors who normally guide participants through a series of phases, from warm-up to more challenging phases, to a period of peak effort followed by a cool down. Therefore, “out of the saddle, jog, big hill coming up, downhill fast” are queues that prompt the class participants to follow the described path.


I find the spinning classes very beneficial and enjoyable, and I frequently attend them at my local LA Fitness Club. One of my favorite instructors and a very dear friend, Oana Borlovan, was kind enough to answer my questions in regards to spinning, and I hope that her answers will give you, the reader, one more reason to give spinning a try!

Mara Circiu: Thank you, Oana, for accepting my interview request, please introduce yourself to our readers...

Oana Borlovan: It’s my pleasure, Mara, to be interviewed by you. My name is Oana Borlovan, (also known as Nicole), and I am a certified Spin Instructor at L.A. Fitness. Spinning is my passion. It is a great way to build a mind-body connection, not to mention it's fun, challenging, and it makes you feel good!

Mara Circiu: Dear Oana, you are looking better than ever...what is the secret? Could it be...SPINNING?

Oana Borlovan: Thank you, Mara. Indeed, I've been staying strong and fit by spinning three to four days a week for almost a year now, and I absolutely love it!

Mara Circiu: How did you discover spinning?

Oana Borlovan: I remember taking my first spin classes at 5:30 in the morning for a very long time, because that was the only way I was able to fit in some exercise into my busy schedule. I didn't know anything about Spinning or what to expect from a group class, but from what I heard, I knew that it burns serious calories and sculpts your legs, so I was game. I fell in love with Spinning immediately, and I became a certified Spin Instructor just a few months later. Spinning is your workout. You control everything from your speed to your resistance, so it can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Like many things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Mara Circiu: At what point did you know that you wanted to become a certified spin instructor?

Oana Borlovan: Very shortly after taking my first classes, I knew I wanted to motivate others to achieve great health and fitness.

Mara Circiu: Where did you obtain your certification?

Oana Borlovan:
I received my Indoor Spinning Instructor certification through Keiser. I am also CPR/AED/First-Aid Certified by the American Red Cross.

Mara Circiu: Where do you offer classes?

Oana Borlovan: I teach classes at L.A. Fitness, Sugarloaf, every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

Mara Circiu:
Indoor spinning versus outdoor cycling, what are the pros/cons and which do you prefer?

Oana Borlovan:
Some of the advantages of indoor cycling are not having to deal with traffic or inclement weather. On the other side, an outdoor trail provides fresh air and beautiful scenery, which can make working out more enjoyable. I prefer indoor cycling because of the high-energy atmosphere of the class. Having people to share it with, you will find yourself working longer and harder.

Mara Circiu: Who is the athlete that inspires you the most?

Oana Borlovan: Lance Armstrong inspires me the most because of his determination, perseverance and success despite the obstacles he had to face in his life.

Mara Circiu: When you don't spin, what do you do? What are your hobbies, preferences?

Oana Borlovan: In my spare time, I love doing fun things with my little girl, Brianna. My other hobbies include photography, decorating my house, and enjoying the outdoors.

Mara Circiu: We have reached the end of our interview. What are your thoughts, and of course, your spinning invitation (or challenge!!) for our readers...?

Oana Borlovan:
Thank you so much, Mara, for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for spinning with everyone else.
If you are looking to build endurance, strength and confidence while having tons of fun, come in and try my spin class! My upbeat music and contagious energy will inspire you to reach your full potential.

Mara Circiu: Thank you, Oana, I really appreciate your energy and enthusiasm for spinning, and I will see you in class soon! I do hope that our readers will find the inspiration to give spinning a try, I know they will be just as excited as we are about this sport, and don’t forget; “a body in motion, stays in motion!”