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Apostolul Pavel

The year is 1535; the setting is a medieval English village; their Royal Majesties are holding court discussing grave matters of state; fairies are causing troubles; dashing knights are quick to draw their swords to impress the beautiful wenches; pirates chase dragons with a cup of ale; jesters and gypsies are loud and boisterous; and there is even a mud boy stealing kisses from coy maidens! No, it is not a figment of my imagination; it is the much anticipated Georgia Renaissance Festival which occurs each year during the spring weekends, in Fairburn, Georgia; a city close to Atlanta.


This majestic, unforgettable event, started almost three decades ago, takes you back to the days of gallant knights and maidens faire, and it is designed to take the visitors on a fascinating time travelling adventure back to Elizabethan England as soon as one enters the gates.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival weaves the fantasy with themed buildings and exciting rides; costumed actors; ingenious entertainment and interactive activities. The visitors, devout fans of the Festival, come dressed up in Renaissance costumes and participate in the recreation of a nostalgic era long gone by. Besides the fun atmosphere that the Festival exudes, what draws the massive crowds to this family-friendly event is the multitude of shops appropriately named The World Bazaar-the original mall of the XVI Century. There one can always find unique treasures created by skilled artisans exhibited in a wide variety of mediums including fine art, glassblowing, pottery, jewelry, wood working, blacksmithing, leather working, dress making and so much more.

I had the pleasure of recently visiting the Georgia Renaissance Festival, and was extremely delighted with the entire experience. The original extreme sport – The Jousting Tournament of Kings, and the magnificent highflying Birds of Prey and Animal Show were my favorite shows! Other events at the festival that attracted large crowds were the trapeze and aerial acrobatics shows along with the jugglers, story-telling, The Royal Petting Zoo and The Maypole Dancing. The Tortuga Twins retold the classic story of Robin Hood and Lady Marian, complete with audience participation and a hilarious, modern twist. The Lost Boys, delighted the audience with the minstrel tunes of long forgotten melodies, and the lovely gypsy Violet predicted the future for those bold enough to wish to know it. The Children’s Knighting Ceremony, The Fairy Princess Tea Time with the Mayor, The Mud Show or a Conversation with DaVinci, they all take place at the Festival, the land of the Make-Believe!

I met so many wonderful people at the Festival! King Henry the VIII, looking regal (and so alike the original Henry!), made me shiver for his lovely and gracious wife, the beautiful and gracious Queen Anne Boylen! Gloriana - the Fairy Queen,
Vogue LaMode - The Duchess of Fashion, Sir Maximillian,Violet-the Gypsy, Sir Lancelot, Lord Mayor, Simon- the Village Idiot, Friar Finnias Finnegan, and all the smiling wenches, knights, pirates, fairies, and gargoyles, I want to congratulate you all for the fine performance you give each day, and for recreating the fantasy for each guest. It was a true joy to be around you, thank you for keeping the history alive!