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Apostolul Pavel

Through our work in the hospital and the village, we become well acquainted with certain families. There is a family in Budila that we have known for years, having had close contact with many of the children. The father passed away a few years ago and the mother has a new husband and baby now. While she stays in the city, the kids travel back and forth between living with their mother in Brasov and their older sibling in Budila. Ideally we would have them all be together all the time, but since that is not an option at this point, we want to do what we can to help the kids.


The kids attend school daily and are enrolled in our After School Program. The oldest brother has taken a father figure role for these younger siblings and cares for them and provides for them. He has a job, works hard and has saved enough to purchase a piece of land that he can call his own, which is something very few people in the village can say! We are very impressed with his dedication to his family and we see the kids’ desire to grow and learn, so with the help of sponsors, a new two room house has been built for this family.

Local men from the community worked hard and quickly so that the house would be completed before winter, and the siblings are now able to move into their new house and make it a home! Thank you to the sponsors who helped make this possible.

Sarah Vienna

Firm Foundations Romania / President
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