"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

Apostolul Pavel

How can it be that children living in this home smile? How is it that they can laugh? Dance? Pose for a photo and be happy? I believe it is because they don’t know a different life style, but is this the true reason? How can these kids not wear a permanent scowl due to the infestation of lice crawling through their hair or fleabites all over their body? I believe we all know the answer... Then I think about American children playing with iPhone and wanting the next, better version. The need to be stimulated is constantly reinforced by the latest movie or gadget. Believe me, I am guilty of this thinking too, but fortunately I am reminded from time to time of all that I have when I visit homes in the Roma communities.

Little Sabina lives in the house to the right with her six other siblings. To my delight, Sabina has started to come to our Kid’s Club program. She is learning how to count, learning manners, and most importantly that God is her Creator and He loves her just the way she is. I pictured her sitting in our Schoolhouse listening to Doamne (Mrs.) Lidia’s fantastic Bible Stories and eating her snack prepared by Steffi. I pray her parents will keep consistent in bringing her to the program. It is the only stimulation she will receive, the only hope of her escaping her doomed lifestyle.

So back to my question of how can kids smile even though they live in horrible conditions? I believe because they have each other, their siblings and parents around them constantly. They have LOVE. Humanity is an amazing concept. We are durable, and truly do not need much in order to survive. It’s just the modern day world telling us we do.

by Sarah Vienna Berchtold

President/Firm Foundations Romania / www.sarahvienna.com