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Lauren Manu is American married to a Romanian and now living full time with her two children in Romania. Lauren joined Firm Foundations Romania ?? after meeting some of the team members while she stayed in the Brasov children’s hospital with her child. It is always neat how God places people in strategic locations when He has His perfect plan! I asked Lauren if she could share more about her work as the project manager for FFR’s Moms Project in the Brasov Children’s Hospital, and newly in the Brasov Maternity Hospital.


“When Firm Foundations Romania was permitted access to the Brasov Maternity Hospital, I was more excited than I have been about any previous MOMs project.   I am passionate about pregnancy, childbirth, feeding baby and mothers becoming knowledgeable.  Within this program I have the opportunity to check up on mothers after they have given birth to their baby.  We talk about how their experience was and how they are feeling.  We talk less about baby and more about the mothers.  It is very important for them to know that I care about them and what they are feeling and experiencing.  The one thing I found after giving birth was that everyone comes to see the baby but only few ask how the new mother is feeling.  My goal with this program is to educate, inform and most of all listen to these lovely new mothers. We also provide mothers and babies with “Going Home Bags”, these bags include all the required clothes and items baby needs to leave the hospital to go home.

At the last gathering, I had three mothers in attendance.  Two of them had just given birth to their 3rd child, while one was a first time mother.  All of the mothers were breastfeeding their babies.  I went over basic newborn feeding, and asked if they had any problems or questions.  The new mama took a while to warm up but soon she had lots of questions.  She was young and nervous.  I spent the rest of the time listening to her and helping her and explaining things to her.  The other mothers helped and together we were able to bond as mothers, women and equals.  The young mother listened to everything we said, tried the tips and tricks and left the room smiling, confident and ready to feed and care for her baby. “

FFR is looking for more Romanian Moms to volunteer with our team to help reach out to the Mother’s who are looking to be educated to know more how to properly care for their new born baby.

Sarah Vienna Berchtold

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